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Our Story

A journey that spans over a century, weaving tales of resilience, nostalgia, and enduring memories along the picturesque Causeway.



The Victor Harbor Tramway stands as a historic South Australian icon, with roots dating back to 1894, proudly operating for over a century. Its illustrious journey began on December 27, 1894, marking the inception of the first-ever horse-drawn tram passenger service. Today, the Victor Harbor Tramway continues to faithfully run, seamlessly connecting the past and present, and inviting visitors to experience the charm of its enduring legacy.

Causeway rebuild

The Victor Harbor Causeway served the community faithfully for over a century. In 2021, a new and wider causeway was constructed, opening to the public in November of that year. The old Causeway hasn't been forgotten; instead, its aged wood has been preserved and ingeniously used to create a captivating display at the new stables. This thoughtful repurposing pays homage to the historic Causeway, blending its past with the present and ensuring its legacy endures for all to appreciate.

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victor horses -84.jpg

Our stables, unveiled in late 2023, provide our horses with a purposefully designed and built residence, ensuring their comfort and well-being. Beyond being a home for our cherished companions, the stables serve as a welcoming space to engage the community. Through our behind-the-scenes experience offerings people can engage with the horses, offering a unique opportunity to meet and greet these magnificent animals while gaining an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the workings of the renowned Victor Harbor Horse Tram.

The Stables


At Victor Harbor Horse Tram, we are passionate about providing unforgettable experiences with our Clydesdales. Our stables, located in Victor Harbor, South Australia, are open for visitors to book online and purchase tickets for behind-the-scenes experiences. Our horses are well cared for, and we take pride in providing a loving environment. Come and visit us to experience the beauty and majesty of these amazing animals.

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