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Equine Assisted Learning

What to expect:

Before your private session
One of our friendly team members will contact you to ensure that the session is tailored for you.

On the day

you'll be greeted by your practitioner at our new stables location. They will spend some time checking in with you, getting to know you and any learning goals that you might have.

You will be introduced 
to the horses and then spend some time tuning in to nature, grounding and relaxing, gaining focus to really get the most our of your experience with the horses, and to let go of life's stresses. 

You'll be invited
 to spend time with the horses in a way that is safe and comfortable for you. You and your practitioner will co-design and create your own unique experience. 

After your experience with the horses, you and your practitioner may spend some time unpacking your experience, and your meaning making, entrenching resources and integrating important takeaways. Before you leave, you'll have the opportunity to thank the horses. 

We're here to help

What is Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)?

EAL is a transformative approach that utilises horses as partners in learning and personal development.


EAL is a specialist process for clients of all ages, addressing clients particular learning goals. It is a unique approach to learning, where clients are offered safe experiences with horses for the purposes of personal development, social, emotional and relationship skills building, enhancing quality of life and professional skills development (leadership skills, working with others, team building and corporate goals).

Clients explore personal themes, beliefs, emotions and behavior patterns through connection to the horse, land and practitioner in an experience based way, promoting self-awareness, awareness of others, and increasing one's capacity to negotiate life’s hurdles.

Client goals may include improving;  

  • psychosocial skills

  • awareness skills

  • coping skills

  • listening skills

  • communication skills

  • boundary setting

  • healthy relationship building, or;

  • particular organisational, business/work-related skills

Due to busy lifestyles and life pressures, some clients simply desire to spend time outdoors, in nature and with the horses, fulfilling their biophilic needs and spending time in the moment, which can help to reduce stress and anxiety and promote a sense of calmness.

Why Horses?

Horses are incredibly perceptive and sensitive animals. They provide immediate feedback, mirroring our emotions and behaviors, allowing us to gain self-awareness and develop important life skills. Their gentle and non-judgmental nature creates a safe and supportive environment for learning. They show up as their authentic selves, live in the moment and are non-verbal communication experts.

Horses have no agenda and are completely honest; Rather than living in the past or future, they live in the moment. Evolving as play, prey and herd animals, they are masters at many of life's skills and have deep and ancient horse wisdom to share with us.

What can I expect from an EAL session?

No prior experience with horses is needed.


You will be contacted by a friendly team member prior to your session who will advise you with all you need to know pre-session, and who will gather relevant information about you, so that we can tailor your session to your particular needs.

EAL is not horsemanship. You will not be required to meet any objective and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Your comfort and safety is very important to us, and our practitioners will be there to support both your emotional and physical safety.

Our practitioners partner with the Victor Harbor Horse Tram Clydesdales to the benefits of EAL. 


Confidentiality is strictly maintained for all sessions and information. All activities, communication, and practitioner interactions adhere to the Equine Psychotherapy Institute Code of Conduct.


Sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes, please allow up to 90 minutes.

Equine Assisted Learning has changed my life. It helped me build confidence and taught me the power of non-verbal communication

Anon, SA

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